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I say

Well, I'm sure this doesn't really represent anything does it? It's just a film, it's not really that dark or disturbed, if i made this i'd find all those reviews funny.


What was so great about that? Exactly? Really, I mean it was, smash bros and kirby won. Kirby wins, HALRIOUS! COMIC GOLD! OMFG YOU GUYS ARE LIKE THE GREATEST FUCKING PEOPLE WHO HAVE EVER LIVED EVER! PLEASE SIGN MY FORUM! OMFG! I dunno, I mean it was funny i'd say it was funny, but it's not that funny really. I mean sure its animated and its there but, I don't know i can't possibly picture this movie making one single person "Roll on the floor laughing" a buttock off over this. Am i the only person who thinks this? I mean. 3.64? Sure its better then most movies i've made but, can't you come up with something original?

Look alright

I'm sure as much as everyone worships the HTML that this movie graces, Its not all that funny. Its like one of those new Episodes of the Simpsons where there's like 3 funny parts and the rest is just, stupid. Like, its just corny. And as much as my humble opinion won't matter since my movies all suck as well, I certainly hope that at least 1 person agress with me out of the millions that will no doubt watch this film. Oh well, better luck next time i guess.

Now this was better

Gave me a laugh, I appericate this one. Well done frog

I apperciate this movie

It didn't have the cheesy crap humour and cheap showyness of the, awful movie currently in the number 1 position


this is exactly how i picture this song in my head when i hear it

Oh come on

that was cheesy

I am a sandwhich

there is nothing like meeting and playing football with the president of Monaco with is actually a monachry so i should say king shouldn't i?


People dont take kindly to things that suck, beleive me I KNOW
id make fun of your movie but I assume that you'd hold in against me because my movies suck and you seem to enjoy the fact that people thing that this movie sucks
In conclusion, the movie sucked, my movies suck
and newgrounds assholes suck
The end

I just

Didnt like it

I like making crappy movies that i think are funny and then sending them into newgrounds to watch people take them seriously, oh yes, its good fun.

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